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Attackers and malware attack by taking advantages of security vulnerabilities in systems. The way to resolve that is to reduce the attack surface so that there are fewer opportunities exposed to attackers and malware for exploration. The main point here sis least privilege. The implementation of this principle of least privilege requires that one has to configure their systems so that those systems can only do what they normally do. That will Broncos Royce Freeman Jersey , in turn, help to minimize the attack surface and eliminate those services that listen on networks on a 247 basis to anyone that wants to send stuff to it.
1. Monitor DNS Queries
The DNS serves a critical function in supporting Internet infrastructure by offering a distributed and a fairly robust mechanism for resolving Internet host names to IP addresses as well as the IP addresses back to the host names (Casalicchio et al., 2013). The DNS also has a role to play in the security of the system whereby the security DNS servers provides all the security-related information that is within the DNS. The DNS server helps in managing the authoritative information, responding to clients鈥?queries Broncos Dre'Mont Jones Jersey , and managing the caching of the DNS information. DNS is easy to exploit, and it has become the targeted point for the attackers (Casalicchio et al., 2013).
2. Sanitize the Network Data
Sharing of data has become commonplace in the modern life. User data that exists on disk drivers taken from computers or then storage systems should be removed as it can create a data security vulnerability of which many users are not aware (Bhat & Quadri, 2012). Mechanisms can put on the data that is in storage in information systems so that the access to it by third parties can be denied.
3. Actively Monitor the Servers
The servers are very important in managing organizations data and also controlling the activities that take place o the information systems in a company. Servers can keep logs of activities that take place on them so as to help the data and system administrators to check any activities that can be of harm to the information system (Bidgoli Broncos Drew Lock Jersey , 2006).
4. Check Web Server
One should upgrade and patch the Web server application, disable or remove any apps, services or sample content and then install the Web content on logical partitions or dedicated hard drives. The administrator should also disable any directory browsing and limit uploads to the file system. Heshe should define one directory for all the programs or external scripts executed as web contents.
5. Centralize Logs
It is obvious that losing logs after the event of attack is not in the dreams of any company. It is important that data administrators store logs outside the server so that in case if the server is attacked then they can still access the logs from where they are stored (Hassell, 2004). The centralization of logs can be helpful in correlating different events and logs Broncos Dalton Risner Jersey , and it can also help maintain the legal proof of the attack.
6. Protection from Injection
The tool for accomplishing this task is known as enhanced mitigation experience toolkit. The tool helps in preventing vulnerabilities in software that can make it easily exploitable. The protection mechanisms that the data administrator can leverage include data execution prevention, certificate of trust, structured exception handling and address layout randomization (Hassell, 2004).
7. Malicious File Review
The users should be aware of malicious files鈥?extensions such as .dox Broncos Noah Fant Jersey , .exe, .pdf, etc. The users should also be aware that much malicious software is written for the commonly used operating systems such as Windows. The IT personnel should train the other staff on the way they can identify those malicious files so that security procedures can be taken against any threats before they can escalate.
8. Cache Data
There should be caching of hashes, search Broncos Phillip Lindsay Jersey , and browsing history hashes and applications temporary files. The data administrator should pay attention to edge servers while caching because they are the ones that are likely to be targets of attackers and malware (Bidgoli, 2006). There should also be security policies concerning cached login, folder and profile redirection.
9. Use a Hot-Based Firewall
Companies often use perimeter-based firewalls to protect their information systems and service networks. However, practical experience shows that the approach is not reliable and is insufficient. A host-based firewall helps in ensuring a detailed traffic control (Chapman & Zwicky Broncos Joe Flacco Jersey , 1995).

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