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State Survey and Mapping and Geographic Information Council Autos Articles | June 20 Neil Walker Jersey , 2012
?The second is to repeat purchase and processing of financial funds resulting in a very waste; limit the sharing of foreigns

He suggested, should focus on to consider amending the following: First, add a chapter on "Geographic Information Security and Application"; modify Surveying and Mapping Chapter 7 protection of survey marks; modify the Surveying and Mapping Law Chapter VIII Legal Responsibility; is to promote the registration the purposes of surveying and mapping division system. The Li Peng Germany to the General Assembly "on as soon as possible to improve mapping geographic information management system proposal," "on strengthening the north and south pole surveying and mapping and geographic information resources construction proposal Mariano Rivera Jersey ," "strengthen our Earth imaging unified regulatory proposal," "as soon as possible

????CPPCC Standing Committee, Vice Chairman of Hunan Province, Hunan Provincial Department deputy director Yang Weigang submitted enhance remote sensing images to obtain the co-ordinated management and service proposal. In the proposal Alex Rodriguez Jersey , he said that the acquisition and application of remote sensing images, there are many problems, highlighting the following three aspects: First, a large number of financial funds for the purchase of foreign satellite remote sensing images; The second is to repeat purchase and processing of financial funds resulting in a very waste; limit the sharing of foreign satellite remote sensing images is the copyright. He suggested that to improve the effectiveness of the use of public finances Mickey Mantle Jersey , and resources sharing of aerospace remote sensing images, as soon as possible to establish the National Aeronautics and Space remote sensing image acquisition, processing and service co-ordination mechanism, by the Central Office to support clear national surveying and mapping integrated management functions of the department of aerospace remote sensing images of geographic information Babe Ruth Jersey , led by the National Mapping Geographic Information Council, the relevant departments to participate, set up a remote sensing image Resource Management Co-ordinating Committee to co-ordinate to determine the national public financial investment in aerial photography and satellite remote sensing image subscription plan, for by the State Mapping Geographic Information Office be responsible for image acquisition Derek Jeter Jersey , processing and distribution services.

????CPPCC National Committee member, former chief engineer of the National Geomatics Center of China Li Li in "to speed up the recommendations of the resources 3 follow-on satellite project," said resources III mapping satellite was successfully launched our satellite mapping to the start of the business application stage But compared with developed countries and even India, the existing mapping satellite equipment in terms of quantity and quality New York Yankees Jersey , there is a wide gap.

?In order to solve the constraints "12" and "Thirteen" during basic geographic information mapping the operational mercedes benz dvd player capacity-building self-mapping satellite data, the proposed National Defense Science and Industry Bureau, National Development and Reform Commission, Ministry of Finance Jay Bruce Jersey , Ministry of Land and Resources, National Mapping Geographic Information Bureau and other relevant State Council departments to speed up the mapping satellite project of the resources on the 3rd follow-up star. Li Li also submitted a national address census and promoting national informatization construction "proposal.

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